Working from home may be new for you

And new situations can sometimes...maybe...cause a little stress

This class helps you set-up, consider things you might not have thought of before, and get ready to go so you are successful in your new digs
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Working from home may be new for you

Work From Home

How to maintain focus, energy and sanity in your new workspace

  • Routines

    Routines and and structure are even more important in a work-from-home environment because you need to create the 'cues' that drive your day with the least amount of stress

  • Relationships

    Clear and specific communication is always important with family friends and co-workers and now you get to practice it regularly

  • Resilience

    Protect against stress and burnout by recognizing and honoring time for yourself

  • Toolbox

    Workbook, checklists, links and more

Get Ready