Time in 10

You live in a fast-paced, always-on environment. And sometimes you just need information quickly. This Time in 10 course was designed to satisfy your 'need for speed' by providing Time Management basics and core principles to help you get up and running. 

OR sharpen your current approach. 

OR answer questions you might have been wrestling with. 

Take your pick. 

Time in 10

This course is designed to help you cut through detail and get to the basics so you can implement sooner rather than later. Because understanding and implementing the basics changes your perspective. How? It helps you begin to see the value of doing things differently. And that increases your desire to learn more and make grow.

  • It's 3 steps to Getting Organized.

  • Navigate through your Time Management GPS. Goals, Priorities, Plans and Schedules.

  • Learn the 3 steps to saying no...gracefully.

  • Most meetings are identified as a waste of time. Learn the secrets to having successful meetings every time, all the time.

  • Micromanaging is out. Delegating is in. Learn the 5 steps to take to avoid micromanaging staff.

  • Procrastination has no place in Time Management. Learn what you can do to begin to change this habit.

  • Habits. It' all about routine and automation. Give your brain--and yourself--a rest.

What's included in the course.

  • WHY

    Learn why the topic and behavior is important and how it connects to everything else.

  • WHAT

    Understand what you need to do to get going.

  • HOW

    How to take action on what you learned.


    3 specific next steps to take to get you going towards making progress.

  • +Additional Coaching+

    Interested in a 30 minute one-on-one call after you've finished the course? If so, contact Cynthia@ProPartnersInc.com

Still have questions?

  • Is there homework?

    No. Just suggestions for next steps you can take to get up and runnning.

  • Are there any additional materials available?

    Some lessons include templates, checklists or forms to help you get started.

  • What if I have a question?

    You're always free to email me at: Cynthia@ProPartnersInc.com