Delaying decisions can be dangerous.

To yourself and others.

It's dangerous because there's a stall.  A stall in...getting what you want, getting what you may need, accomplishing things, helping others, and feeling good about yourself.  

But it doesn't need to be that way. There are steps you can begin to take that will release you from all the stalling and make for a better day.


This course is designed to help you overcome your procrasination habit. That's right. Procrastination is a habit that begins when you're young and follows you around. Now's a good time to lose your little friend.

  • Identify your style of procrastination

  • Become clear on who or what triggers you to delay decisions and what you can do to change that

  • Learn the secret to creating successful new habits

  • It's always about choice, but not always so easy to pick. Learn the secret.

Icons & text

  • Definitions

    How procrastination is defined...and how it isn't.

  • Styles

    There are 4 styles of procrastination and you identify yours by taking the Procrastination Predictor quiz

  • Triggers

    What may begin the slippery slope downward is different for each of us.

  • Habits

    Steps on how to change the ones that don't work for you.

  • Choices

    The anatomy of a thought is how we arrive at our choices and outcomes.

  • +Additional Coaching+

    Interested in a 30 minute one-on-one call after you've finished the course? If so, contact


  • Is there homework?

    No, but there is a playbook at the end of the course that takes you step by step...small, but mighty steps.

  • Is this practical information?

    Yes. There are lots of psychological reasons why people procrastinate, but it doesn't have to get complicated.

  • How long is the class available to me?

    90 days from the first day you begin. We don't want you to procrastinate.