What's up with all these meetings?

In surveys where employees are asked what wastes their time the most, the subject of 'meetings' almost always shows up in the top 3 responses.


Too many. No Agenda. Vague objectives. No one's leading the meeting. Plus, plus, plus.

If you're someone who calls meetings, you owe it to yourself --and especially to those who give up their time to attend -- to make that time worthwhile. From the beginning to the very end. 

Become a meeting 'hero' and save employees from feeling like it's just another waste of time in an already demanding day.

Managing Meetings

And making them worthwhile.

  • 5 things to do before your meeting

  • 5 things to do during your meeting

  • 2 things to do after a meeting...not many, but really important

  • The biggest complaint about virtual meetings

  • Meeting etiquette...yes there is some!

Managing Meetings includes...

  • Begin here

    A short audit to discover where you're at right now.

  • Step-by-Step

    Step-by-step instructions to guide you in preparing and managing your meetings!

  • JeoParody

    For your final lesson isn't a test of some kind. It's a game to see what you remember, what you learned and what you need to review.

  • Your Toolkit

    Your Workbook is for notes. Your Playbook includes all the checklists, templates, and reminders to streamline your actions. Your Toolkit is full of information to help you on your way to becoming a meeting hero.

  • +Additional Coaching+

    Interested in a 30 minute one-on-one call after you've finished the course? If so, contact Cynthia@ProPartnersInc.com

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  • How long does it take to go through the course?

    About an hour. And then then there's practice! You have access to the class for 90 days.

  • Is this class about in-person or virtual meetings?

    Both. Many similarities but some key differences.

  • Is there homework?

    No. But there are plenty of checklists and templates to help you prepare and practice for your next meeting.